Motivating Your Team Through Cost Effective Coaching

Why do they need coaching?
So how can we boost motivation and performance through coaching without impacting on our costs? Addressing these requirements at the same time through the latest technology allows companies to embrace coaching and increase capabilities without the hefty costs previously associated.

Grey matter
Through advanced techniques, the grey stuff between your ears, the human brain. we can use psychological techniques to help employees and sales teams perform better, motivating them to keep positive and achieve.

How do we do it? There is a link between what we think, how we feel which impact on how we behave. By understanding how these all link together we can make a step change in our actions to change the outcome to be a more positive one.

Step changes
Taking positive steps to make changes how our minds work, thinking and acting, we can embrace more positive feelings leading to improved motivation – improved performance and a better bottom line for your business.

A recent published study has shown that these techniques, when applied in a large sales force, achieved a 20% increase in sales people on or above target, a reduction in resignations of a factor of three and significant reductions in stress levels. When you consider how long it takes and how much it costs to recruit a high performance sales person then the reduction in resignations alone can make this worthwhile.

Previously, these techniques have only been used successfully in business through traditional training and face to face coaching. Although very effective, delivered like this it can be expensive, difficult to organise and disruptive to normal selling activities.

The latest technology allows these methods to be translated to reality through e-learning which helps to achieve and deliver the same results as the more traditional ‘classroom’ training methods. E-learning is better all round, it saves time, money and provides a consistent approach to learning as it is carried out in situ, on a day to day basis which integrates with selling activities over a month or two. This method provides a ‘habit forming’ approach for the learner.

Perhaps it is time to investigate how to get the best from that lump of grey stuff between our ears! Coaching is one way in which you can make a positive change.

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